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Your Adoption Goals are Within Reach

Online Coaching with Michele Hengen, author of The Pocket Adoption Coach

Meet Michele

Certified Coach & Adoption Mentor

For the brief time she was pregnant, Michele Hengen took a lot of comfort from the abundance of books available to guide and comfort pregnant women. After her miscarriage and the launch of their adoption pursuit, she looked for a similar book for this revised course of action. But she was disappointed to discover that the book she sought to support her through the disconcerting adoption process was not available.  

She decided to write the book she needed herself.

A trained professional coach, Michele lives in Regina, Saskatchewan, with her husband, twin boys who play basketball and study at university, and their dog, Chloe. Their daughter lives nearby in Saskatoon and works in the field of early childhood education.


What I Specialize In

Navigating your emotions through your journey

Staying true to your vision in the face of adversity

Raising adopted children and general parenting tips

Are you ready to adopt? Find out from an adoption expert and professional coach.

Happy Family

Helping you on your journey towards a healthy, happy family. Bring your vision to life today.

This is a beautifully written memoir, following the adoption journey of the author and her husband. If you are thinking of going through the adoption process, it is a must read. It is very informative, giving many good pointers throughout the book on what you should do and expect while going through your own personal journey. I highly recommend it, even if you are not planning on an adoption. It is just an incredibly wonderful read.

- Darla Jakubowski

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