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Easter, Baby Chicks and our Adoption Journey

Updated: Apr 18, 2022

Easter has many important symbols – the cross, coloured eggs, “the” bunny and baby chicks to name a few. It is this last one – baby chicks – that make me think of the time leading up to our adoption.

As I discuss in my book, we had to experience some disappointments and delays before being led to the adoption route. Little did I know that each setback was providing us with the armour needed for what lie ahead. To explain, I used the following analogy.

Have you ever witnessed a chick hatch from an egg? Well, this city girl has not, but I have been told that it is a painful experience to watch. The baby chick pecks away from inside the shell for what seems like an eternity and does not appear to make any progress.

Apparently, the sight could motivate a kind-hearted spectator to break the shell open so the poor chick could begin its first flight. But this would not help the chick. Such assistance would likely kill it, because the strength gained from breaking through the shell becomes the strength needed to survive outside the shell. Without the opportunity to prepare itself in the safety of the egg, the chick would become instant, helpless fodder for hungry prey.

Similarly, we had to keep pecking away at our attempts to start a family so that our adoption dreams would one day hatch successfully. During the months prior to our first adoption, I was completely oblivious to the fact that we were growing our adoption muscles!

Now whenever I feel like that baby chick, I just remember that I may be right where I need to be until I am ready for more.

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