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Positive Adoption Language

How often do we hear the phrase “a baby is given up for adoption?” In a world that is

becoming more socially conscious and aware, it is time to abolish this phrase for good! Just

because language is common, does not mean that it is correct.

We give up bad habits. We give up making excuses. We give up on toxic relationships. We give

up being irresponsible. The list goes on.

In other words, we give up negative forces in our life to make room for positive ones. That is

the opposite of what happens in an adoption.

Birth parents don't give up their baby. That sounds like they did not try to give their baby the

best home. That is furthest from the truth. They give the gift of life to an adoptive family who

then gives the baby a life and family. Both sides require giving unconditional love.

In case you are wondering, the correct phrase is that a baby or child is placed for adoption. The

decision to place a baby in a loving home is an active decision that is not taken lightly. Furthermore, it is a very selfless and caring decision that requires an immense act of love.

The importance of this subtle change really hit me when I recently participated in the National

Adoption Awareness Month event sponsored by @adoptionsask. I learned that for some

adoptees who struggle with abandonment issues, these words can cut to the core and be very


Now I know better and will do what I can to spread the word. Thanks for listening!

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