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Family at home

Pre-Adoption Coaching Program

Designed for individuals or couples who are either considering adoption or who have made the commitment to adopt and are seeking support as they face challenges along the way.

What you can expect

Family at the Park

Let go of...

Feelings of doubt that the adoption will come through, and frustration during periods of extended waiting or when meeting obstacles.

A lack of relevant and customized support from individuals, groups and resources.


Fear of entering into parenthood with so many unknowns about the short and longer term.

How we're getting there

Designed specifically for individuals or couples who would benefit from coaching to support them as they prepare for a potential adoption, the Pre-Adoption Coaching Package includes:

Don't just take my word for it...

"My initial response was like a tightening up – to tell my problems to a stranger.  With Michele’s coaching I opened up and really enjoyed the process.  Thank you."

- Previous coaching client

We're covering everything so that you feel completely prepared...

  • Developing a vision for your family and keeping it in sight at all times

  • Identifying alternative plans and evaluating options

  • Grieving loss or trauma including infertility diagnosis

  • Coming to terms with your decision

  • Reconciling declining a proposal

  • Defining what your “perfect” family looks like

  • Communicating your plans to others and dealing with their reactions

  • Maintaining motivation through the waiting period

  • Preparing your other children for a new sibling

  • Preparing for the Home Study / MFA

  • … and more


Meet Michele

If you are planning to, thinking about, or in the throes of an adoption while trying to remain healthy and stable, then you likely already know that you need a customized and relevant support structure in place.

Undoubtedly, you have already undergone a great deal of thought and reflection to bring you to this point. Congratulations for taking the first step!  Or, perhaps you have made the decision to adopt… only to revisit your decision multiple times.  Then, you may have dared to speak to someone who has not personally been involved in an adoption. Were you disappointed in the reaction?  If so, I can assure you that while people are well-intentioned, they do not always feel comfortable in areas of life in which they have no personal experience.

As an adoptive mom myself (of 3 amazing kids!), I decided to leverage my professional coaching training and experience to help others face their challenges throughout their own adoption journeys.

Here's what you get when you sign up


Monthly Plan


The Pre-Adoption Coaching Package​

  • 2 - 40 minute sessions per month

  • Unlimited email support

  • Customized tools and exercises

  • Free introductory no-obligation coaching session

  • Special fee of $375 / month guaranteed for 6 months

  • Free copy of my book!

Still on the fence? Take the Adoption Readiness Quiz and see if you are at a stage where coaching fits your needs.

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